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Contact us today |415-706-0793|Video can be the most complicated piece of the production, so allow our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to help make your event a smooth one. Elevate Productions provides video equipment rental, AV rental San Francisco and more.
video equipment rental, av rental san francisco
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Video presentation can play a vital role in the making of any successful event.


Video can be the most complicated piece of the production, so allow our expertise help make your event a smooth one. Elevate uses only state-of-the-art LCD and DLP video projectors to give every audience member a first-class view of your presentation.

We can also provide you with video playback, live switching, and live video recording to create a portable “video control room” for your event. This equipment gives you the ability to live-switch a variety of visual elements, including live video footage, pre-produced videos, graphics, animation loops, computer presentations, and PowerPoint or Keynote slides. Our technical staff will make sure that your show runs on cue and on time and flows together seamlessly. We can provide single or multiple cameras for live or post video production. Using professional broadcast-quality cameras, the footage can be switched live (“edited on the fly”) and can be fed to projection screens and/or recorded to videotape or DVD for future editing and review.


Video Services


projectorLet our staff help you in choosing the proper projector for your application. Projectors vary in brightness “lumens”, resolution and throw distance. We have many different projectors and lenses to choose from to insure optimal performance in any venue. Front or rear screen projection screens are available in many sizes including standard 4.3 and 16.9 widescreen. We feature Panasonic Pro and Sharp Projectors,  Larger Christie and Barco also projectors available upon request
video equipment rentalScreen size can vary depending on your formatting needs, room and audience size. We have a variety of standard Da-Lite Fastfold screens available in sizes 6’x8’, 7.5’x10’ and 9’x12’. Larger screens available by request, including Widescreen Format for HD Video, up to 1080P resolution to get that crystal clear picture that has become the industry standard for video and film productions
___8436061Video scaling and switching is a often overlooked but very important part of the presentation process. Switchers range from simple KVM units that can between two video sources to high-end switchers like Barco Folsom series. These systems are designed to accept many types of sources with different input resolutions. They do this by “scaling” the video signal or converting video signals from one resolution to another: usually “upscaling” or “upconverting” a video signal from a low resolution to one of higher resolution. These units can be necessary to project multiple sources that may not all have been created in the same format.
av rental san franciscoThese products are the “Jumbotrons” of the future, made portable. They can be used in environments where the brightest projectors just wont cut it. LED Video walls can display any type of logo, animation, visuals, or video presentations you can imagine.  Full walls consist of modular panels that can be configured to most any size, including flexible drape panel. Pricing is determined by resolution, or how far the LED chips are placed apart from each other. A relatively new technology, these video panels are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. 
Visuals are an excellent way to a add a special and unique touch to your event.  Incorporate your own custom animations, graphics, video clips or photos into a live video mix.We have trained VJ’s  with massive video library’s that perform live mixing while adding personal touch with layers and effects.