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Contact us today |415-706-0793|Whether your objective is to inform, celebrate, sell, promote or raise funds, our event lighting services will be sure to elevate your event’s look & feel. We provide stage lighting, event lighting rental san francisco, lighting rental san francisco and more.
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Our event lighting services cover all aspects of your event.

We design, program, plan, set-up, and coordinate your event lighting from beginning to end, working directly with you to ensure you have the proper equipment quality required. We provide accent and decorative lighting to help you achieve your vision and create ambience that will have a powerful impact on your guest’s experience.

Our lighting designer will work with you to develop a unique design and layout that will enhance the mood and bring new life to your event. Whether your objective is to inform, celebrate, sell, promote, reward, or raise funds, our event lighting services will be sure to elevate your event’s look and feel.

Experience has taught us that event organizers and producers want a stress and worry-free event. All of our equipment is maintained to the highest standards and always operated by a trained professional A/V technician.
Lighting Services

___4945906, stage lightingSince first impressions are always the strongest, and the exterior is the first thing your guests will see, why not make it look amazing!? Exterior, or “Architectural” lighting is a great way to make an immediate and lasting impact.  We use a wide range of energy efficient LED and halogen lights to illuminate buildings, columns, trees, posters, billboards or virtually any other piece of architecture you can think of.  We can produce a variety of colors, color combinations, or color change pattern to fit your theme. We also project patterns or logos onto building exteriors or sidewalks (gobo lights) or Sky Tracker Searchlights to draw attention and new customers. Laser billboard displays are also a great addition to your guests experience.

___4881342Gobo’s (logo and pattern wash projections) are an easy way to make your event unique and create a lasting impression long after your guests have gone. Custom gobos can be cut to the design of your choice including logos and patterns. If you don’t want to create a custom gobo we have many options in our inventory for you to choose from to give your event that WOW factor.  We only use industry standard ETC Source4 Ellipsoidal Spot lights, or “LEKO” as they are commonly called.  LEKO lights are great for projecting images on ceilings, walls, floors and virtually any other surface. Gobo’s inserted into these light fixtures can create a wide array of effects and patterns. 
___8575586Concert and stage lighting are powerful elements that impact the audience’s senses and evokes strong emotions. Don’t waste your valuable time searching for a lighting crew for your next event. ELEVATE can take care of all your lighting needs – from automated and conventional lighting to all aspects of custom event lighting used in today’s theatre, concerts, conference, exhibition, events, custom and architectural applications. A partnership with ELEVATE provides you with an experienced, motivated and enthusiastic production crew and production lighting management services that meet your objectives and budget requirements.
___6134682A laser show can change the feel of your event in an instant; our shows are tailored to fit your budget and space. We use custom designed software to allow us to control the laser in a number of different ways. From more traditional laser scans to custom graphics, the images can be anything from written messages and corporate logos to fully animated picture sequences that rotate, spin, zoom and interchange up to seven different colors. We provide YAG (Green) Lasers up to 40 watts as well as full color RGB for a unique lighting experience that can’t be matched. 
___9178427, event lighting rental san francisco, lighting rental san francisco

Visuals are an excellent way to a add a special and unique touch to your event.  Incorporate your own custom animations, graphics, video clips or photos into a live video mix. We have trained “VJ’s”  with massive video library’s that perform live video mixing while adding personal touch with layers and effects.