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Contact us today |415-706-0793|Have you considered using creative advertising techniques like laser billboards, video projection or sky tracker searchlights? Learn more and get a quote!
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Creative Advertising

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  • Large Scale Banners:  Custom designed box truss systems can be used to securely hang banners of any size to convey your message and branding in large format.
  • Laser BillboardsHigh powered laser systems can project onto a large variety of surfaces from varied distances. Custom laser logo’s are a great addition to sponsored events. These systems are available in high powered green up to 40 watts each (YAG) and RGB full color systems.
  • LED Video Walls and Drape: Project large format video, logo’s and animation with these high definition LED walls . When projectors are just not strong enough these video walls cut through and create stunning and vivid colors. Prices are varied by resolution. Available for either temporary rentals or permanent installations.
  • Video Projection: Traditional video projection can be an excellent way to display a sponsor or your company’s logo.The image can be projected onto temporary Fastfold screens, onto walls and virtually any other surface imaginable.
  • Gobo Logo: A great way to make an impression with your custom logo. Available in simple metal cut gobo’s and a more detailed glass cut gobo. Project onto walls, ceilings and dance floors. With special attachments you can clearly project logo’s onto buildings and even mountainsides from over 300 feet away.
  • Sky Tracker Searchlights: Although we can’t project Batman’s logo at this time due to copyright laws- searchlights are still a great way of drawing attention to your event or place of business. We feature 2000W Searchlights that can run on one 120v circuit. Larger multi head units available with built-in generators.